Experiments with Intermittent Fasting

I’m taking several pedagogy courses this semester, one of which is called Comprehensive Health Education for Secondary Educators.  It’s a rather cut and dry course name, isn’t it?  One of the first assignments for the class was a review of the Center for Disease Controls Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System.  It’s a biannual survey of … More Experiments with Intermittent Fasting

Crisis Averted

(It’s Sunday night, and I’m not very pleased with myself that I haven’t produced any content in a week.  Last week was jam packed with things to do, and this week isn’t any different, but I’ll be creating a few more posts for you folks.) If Planet Fitness has done anything good for society, it’s … More Crisis Averted

Nice Kettlebell Coverage, Women’s Health (Note Sarcasm)

I’m a big fan of Men’s Health magazine.  They publish some really interesting content about fitness, health, nutrition, sex & relationships, fashion, and how to suck less in general.  Their writers pen informative and interesting pieces that everyone can apply to their life, not just the folks (like me) who are interested in finding research … More Nice Kettlebell Coverage, Women’s Health (Note Sarcasm)