Get to Know Harold

Harold Gibbons believes in you.  I believe in you! My purpose as a coach is share opportunities to create the best life possible.  That mindset has led me from the physical education classroom to Mark Fisher Fitness, where exercise has been elevated as an empowering tool to enrich the quality of our lives.Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 11.06.12 PM

As a strength coach and the program design manager at MFF, I’ve had experience creating personalized exercise programs and group training classes for over 800 of New York City’s most ridiculous humans.  This unique experience has lead to a nuanced understanding of how we blend progressive exercise strategies and contemporary coaching concepts to create the most empowering experience for clients of all ages and ability levels.

That sounds pretty deep, right?


When I’m not striving to change the lives of the Ninjas at MFF, you can find me working to progress the fitness industry as an educator, as well as coaching clients interested in meaningful, lasting results.

I’ve gotten myself into the nasty habits of mountain biking, rock climbing, and drinking copious amounts of coffee, and to relax, I enjoy holding my fiance’s hand, and sampling whatever is on draft.



2 Replies to “Get to Know Harold”

  1. I forgot to tell you I’m doing a tech free week where I don’t have any phones or laptops and have to communicate through only email… so that’s a thing. Let’s set up a ride!

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