Train With Harold

As a coach, I examine exercise as a powerful tool to empower my clients to live a physically active lifestyle. Together, we explore exercise through the lens of positive psychology, discuss self-efficacy, and apply progressive sports psychology to movement­-based exercise.

These strategies rapidly improve participation and performance to create habits of lifelong physical activity.  My goal as a coach is to pass my skills on to you and essentially coach myself out of a job.  This is to help you focus on what’s really important: Living your best life.

We’ll focus on driving long-term success by creating a habit-driven plan together.  Your personal experiences, health background, and personal preferences lead to action steps and a personal plan designed to optimize your success.

I’m currently re-working my coaching offerings in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, but I assure you that you’ll be very excited about my latest project!

12 Replies to “Train With Harold”

  1. You’re awesome for wanting to help people so much ! Every ounce of it is appreciated! Thank you so much !

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