Weight Loss. (Period)


We hear so much about EXACTLY what to eat, EXACTLY what to do in the gym, that we think that unless we get EVERY single little thing perfect, we’re not going to do ANYTHING for our body.  Wrong.   Weight loss comes down to one thing: Calorie Deficit.  If you’re in negative energy balance, that is, you’re burning more calories through out the day than you’re taking in, you’re going to lose weight.  It all comes down to addition and subtraction.

How do I achieve negative energy balance?  There are only two ways.  Eat less, or do more.  Now, in reality the ‘do more’ method is far better than the eat less.  Physical activity is good for our bodies.  We were designed to move.  We’re not designed to sit in chairs, cars, and couches; we’re made to run, hop, skip, and preferably dead lift some heavy shit.

And, because I know you were wondering, girls should deadlift too.  You know you want nice buns, ladies.

But I won’t let this become a deadlift rant.

So you want to lose weight?  Cleaning up your diet is something that all of us can work on (No, 100 Calorie packs are NOT healthy, even if they’re only 100 calories).  That being said, physical activity will yield far more benefits than JUST eating healthy.  If you are in a caloric deficit, you’ll lose weight.  Its that simple.  If you’re trying to lose weight, and you’re not; you’re not in a negative energy balance (or you have an issue going on that I am not ready to deal with.)  This could be the shortest weight loss explanation ever.  You’re welcome, world.

So get up.  Move around.  Do SOMETHING to take care of your body.  And don’t get McDonald’s when you’re done.

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