Quick and Dirty

Schools over for summer…now I have to deal with the stress of getting locked out of a summer class. Luckily, I’ll have tomorrow morning to deal with that. What else is stressful right now? My gym is closed!

It’s okay though, I’ve got a great full body workout that I can throw together for myself in my basement. 21:30 later…

A. Valslide Backwards Lunge – 3 sets of 10 reps, alternating legs until finished

B. Valslide Mountain Climbers with Push Up – 10 reps,  Superband 3 Point Row – 10 Reps per side, 3 supersets

C. Side Plank with Row – 8 Reps, Superband Split Squat to Overhead Press – 8 reps, 3 supersets

D. Moving Valslide Pushup – 10 reps, Monster Walks – 10 reps, 3 Supersets

E. Superband 3 Point Row – 10 reps per side, Valslide Body Saw – 10 reps, 3 supersets


  • I used two pieces of equipment (not counting foam rolling before I started) A SuperBand from Perform Better, and a pair of Valslides.
  • In those 22:30 minutes, I had a whole hell of a lot of fun, and got my heart rate up in to the 180bpm range.
  • I loved the Superband 3 point row, so I did it twice.
  • That was the fastest workout of my life…

And yes, I did link every use of ‘Valslide’ and ‘Superband’…they’re both awesome pieces of equipment, and I’d recommend them to everybody!

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