Squat Day, 6/22/10

I’m not sure how I feel about calling it ‘Squat Day’, but that’s what I’ll title today’s entry/workout because it’s not as long as “Lower Body + Core: Squat Max Effort, Deadlift Dynamic Effort”.  Isn’t it much easier to say it’s ‘Squat Day’, because there is an emphisis on squatting?  Okay, I’m happy we agree!

Now, since I’ve been shortening the legnth of my workouts I was planning to be at the gym from 7:15 to 8:30, and have some time to relax/eat/do work before it’s bed time.  Instead, I spent until 7:50ish video chatting with a friend I’m going to write a program for.  While my schedule was now messed up, I still had enough time to get it all done.  So, with a quick car ride, I was scanning my card at 8:15.  Hour and a half to get it done?  Almost plenty of time.

Foam Rolling, Mobility, Activation.  These are the videos to everything I did in today’s warm-up.  Watch them, do them, say “My hips feel like a million bucks!”

Foam Rolling

Walking Spiderman with Overhead Reach


Lateral Squat

Lateral Leg Swing

Rotational Squat

Hip Flexor Mobilization

Pigeon Pose (OMG, he’s using a yoga pose?! Yes.)

X Band Box Walk (Hello Glute Med., nice to meet you today)

Yea, I know that was a lot of stuff.  Since I’ve been doing them for a while, it goes by really quick, so 15 minutes after that I’m kind of good to go.  Ideally I’d take my time and really open up my hips, but I was on the clock and wanted to move quick.

Again, I’m only posting ‘working sets’, so there aren’t any warm-up sets involved for exercise.  Although, I will say that because I was in a hurry to get in the squat rack I front squatted 2 sets of 6 with 95lbs, just for the hell of it.  The kid I worked in with was nice, but I just wanted to make sure nobody got the rack.  It worked.

  1. Hi-Bar Box Squat (Notes: I planned on doing a 5×5.  This is what happened: Sets 1-2, 5 reps, 275lbs. Set 3, 5 reps, 305lbs. Set 4, 5 reps, 315lbs.  Set 5, 10 reps, 335lbs. On the last set I realized I had some gas left in the tank and decided to keep going.  Maybe I won’t low-ball my first 3 sets next time.)
  2. Overhead Medicine Ball Slam, 5×5, 6lb Med Ball
  1. Deadlift Speed Pulls, 6×3.  Sets 1-3, 135lbs.  Sets 4-6, 185lbs.
  2. Waiters Walk, 5 laps each arm, Using 30lb dumbbell twice, 40lb dumbbell three times.  (Note:  A certain toolshed young man usually jokes/pokes fun at many of the things I do.  It happened during the waiters walks.  He’s the same kind of guy that grabs a 70lb dumbbell and does THIS to ‘work his obliques’.  Who’s laughing now, asshat.)
  1. TRX Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat, Superset, 3×10, 30lbs, 35lbs, 50lbs (Why the jump?  Just because.) And this one is so spectacularly awesome, that I’m including a video of it.

I literally went until closing time on this one.  In fact, I think that the trainer who was covering the floor actually left during my last set.  Had I had the extra 15 minutes I had planned for, I also would have spent 15 minutes on a bike doing some HIIT.  Yes, I like to do some conditioning work, too.  (Even though, after that last squat set of 10reps, my heart rate was somewhere around the 180’s.  So for those people that don’t think they’ll get a cardiovascular effect from picking up heavy stuff?  Yea, you’re wrong.)  Since I missed out on the conditioning work today, I’ll have to wait until Friday’s Car Push to do work that’s designed to be over anaerobic threshold.  Yea, because that’s something that I’m really looking forward to.  It’s sadistic, but I actually am.  Oh the things we do for increased VO2 Max, work capacity, and badassness.  Until then…

Lastly, I’d like say ‘Hi!’ to some friends that have been reading the blog and checking out what I’m doing.  Please leave some comments and tell me if there’s anything you want to hear about!  One of them even read it from beginning to end!  She‘s a sure trooper! I also want to leave one random fact:  There are two books in my backpack right now: Romeo and Juliet, and Dave Tate’s Under The Bar.  An intriguing combination.  Also, the Dave Matthews Band channel on Pandora is amazing, and has been playing for the past 2 days.

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