Getting Outside

Woah, I haven’t created any new content in an entire week!  That’s pretty disappointing, so to make up for it, I’ll include a picture of the best looking couple in the world:

I’ve been very busy in the past week: I’ve played golf three times; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I went kayaking for almost two hours with some friends, and had an awesome time paddling around and relaxing under the sun.  Between kayaking and hitting the range on Wednesday, I even added in an extra workout so I could experiment with my TRX.  The TRX is an extremely versatile piece of equipment, but when I got it I had only planned on using it for a few exercises; Rows, Split Squats, and Push-ups with elevated feet.  Even after having it for 6 months, I don’t use it for that many other things.  That’s changing. Here’s a quick video from the folks at Fitness Anywhere that demonstrates the variety of exercises that you can perform on the TRX, and how they can be applied to improve on the results of traditional cardio:

As I become increasingly interested in resistance based conditioning work, (I mean cardio, I just hate that word)  I’m looking at increasing the tools I have to get the job done, for both myself and for clients.  I entertain numerous questions about the TRX while I’m at work, and I’ve just begun to explore it’s use as a piece of conditioning equipment.  On Wednesday I experimented with a number of squat complexes, and found a number of combinations that I had fun with, which actually means that my heart was racing after each set, and I know they can be progressed pretty far.  By adding TRX based work to my conditioning bag-of-tricks, I’ll be able to train myself and others almost anywhere.  And that’s the point!  Here’s an example:

Between sleeping in on Friday and being involved with golf from 11:30 to 7:00pm, I didn’t exactly have time for my usual deadlift day.  That’s the first schedule workout I’ve missed in a number of months, but I know that the world wouldn’t end because of it.  I made up for it yesterday before my brother’s graduation party.  Prior to the festivities, I headed to my high school with my TRX to ‘do work’.  Because I had a day off on both sides of Saturday, I was looking at doing some full body conditioning work.  After affixing my TRX to the football uprights (which was totally bad ass), I proceeded to complete the following workout.

  • 40 Yard Sprint, Flying Start
  • 10 Inchworms
  • 20 TRX Rows
  • 10 TRX Squats
  • 20 TRX Pushups, one foot elevated (alternated feet per set)
  • 8  TRX Pistol Squats
  • 1 minute of gasping for air
  • 6 repeats.

I’ll certainly be repeating this again for a few reasons.  Most importantly it was extremely fun.  I had a total blast with this workout!  It was a beautiful sunny day (80 degrees!) and I got to run around in a lacrosse pinny getting sweaty.  Because it’s low-grade work compared to my upper body and lower body workouts, I’m not too concerned with a workout like this having an effect on what I do the next day.  I may repeat this on Wednesday, my next ‘off’ day.  Why not today?  Well, now I’m heading to the gym for a barbell complex and some bastardized kettlebell lifts.  My gym doesn’t have kettlebells, but I’m going to perform some Turkish Get-Ups, Swings, and Snatches, because that’s the next thing on my shopping list.

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