Don’t Lose Your Keys, Try This Row!


I’m in Newark, Delaware lounging on my friends futon.  Everybody else is up this early too, because it’s game day for the Blue Hens, and the UDMB starts rehearsing at 9am.

Friday was a terrible day, because I both lost my car keys and had to take it easy during my workout.  After a 2 hour search before class and a 2 hour search once I got home, I finally gave up, grabbed the back up set, and went on my merry way.  Along the way, I listened to two episodes of the Stop Chasing Pain Podcast and the Strength Coach Podcast, and I have more waiting for me on the way back.  It’s great to learn real-world information, especially when you drive, and it really helped undo the frustration of wasting a day looking for my keys.  Losing your keys sucks, and I don’t recommend it.

However, I DO recommend trying a barbell row 3 point row.  It’s not a corner row or a bent over row, where one end of the Olympic bar is anchored into the corner; you hold the barbell the entire time.  It’s the same as a dumbbell row, but in the barbell variation, you really work on grip strength and your forearm.  Give it a try, and I bet you’ll feel like you have killer grip strength and a bigger forearm after a set or two.

Here is a video of me trying out the barbell row last Thursday; it was my first work sets of the exercise, and I wanted to compare them to regular dumbbell rows as far as load, so I pushed up the weight.  Try to minimize the movement of your shoulders in the exercise; all cues for a dumbbell row apply.  Give it a try!

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