Operation Heavy Heart

Earlier in the semester, I noted that I’ve been meeting some pretty cool people.  One of them, Anthony Lucic, is part of an amazing project for a great cause.  This is all my writing for the day; the rest of this is straight from the website of Operation Heavy Heart.

What is Operation Heavy Heart?

Operation Heavy Heart will begin October 7th 2010 on the 9 year anniversary of the beginning of the war in Afghanistan and will last for 365 days, concluding on the 10 year anniversary of the start of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.  It is a mission that Coaches Anthony Lucic and Michael Voigt of CrossFit Chimera will embark on. Together they will attempt to wear weighted vests everyday, making the most basic of everyday activities more difficult and the workouts more challenging. Simple luxuries in life we take for granted will no longer be obtainable, but ultimately they are determined to raise awareness for our troops overseas and at home.

Mission Statement:
To create dialog amongst the people we meet everyday:
Raising awareness about the difficulties our troops face on a daily basis overseas.  Some of these difficulties include carrying combat loads weighing up to 100 lbs, whether it be in the blistering desert heat of the Iraqi desert or the steep mountainous regions of Afghanistan. Our service men and women still need our help as much today as they did October 7, 2001.
Supporting our troops:
Now that the combat operation in Iraq have concluded we want to ensure that the people in our communities realize that the war on terror is far from over and our troops need our support now more than ever. For some men and women the war will never be over, their burdens and difficulties followed them home and they never dropped that combat load that they carried overseas. As Iraqi war veterans, the coaches of Crossfit Chimera realize that every service man or woman has been affected by their selfless acts.
Raising Money for “Wounded Warrior Project”
Every exercise will be documented and you can follow us at home at our website. Daily obstacles we encounter will be shared with our followers. Several times during the year events will be held, difficult workouts will be attempted and all proceeds raised through the process will go to the “Wounded Warrior Project” which assists severely injured service men and women.
Raising the question, What is Fitness?
The CrossFit Chimera coaches will attempt to answer the question of “What is Fitness?” during their 365 day journey.
Is being fit a measure of your health? Perhaps it is determined by how many push-ups you can complete or how far you can run. Can anyone be fit? What does it take to be fit?
Although we already have views on fitness we will attempt to verify our hypothesis or determine what it truly means to be fit.
Operation Heavy Heart
Helping the troops carry the weight of the world that is on their shoulders.
This is one of the coolest fund raising projects I’ve heard of!  Not only are they raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project, they’re generating attention for our troops once they return home, they’re taking part in physiological research concerning the use of weighted vests, AND they’re improving their own fitness.  You should check out the websites, donate to the cause, and try some of Crossfit Chimera‘s metabolic conditioning protocols.

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