BTW, That IS Exercise.

While working at the JCC, I have great conversations with my boss about exercise and health.  While we have varying few points on a few things, we do tend to agree on many issues.  One of the issues that tend to lead to heated debates is how people should exercise.  Robin takes an approach that I admit works better for that majority of people, being that they should exercise in the manner that they find the most enjoyable.  Admittedly, I’m on my high horse about how you should exercise, and I think that people should find the absolute best and most efficient exercises that they can.  To me, getting better in this manner is fun, so I end up agreeing with Robin on that.  Funny how that works.

As much as I like to make fun of most group fitness classes as being sub-optimal exercise, it’s still exercise.  I’m slightly baffled when people think the message is that a specific form of exercise is bad for them.  It’s not bad for you unless it’s deteriorating your health instead of improving it!  If you have knee issues and you run and it gets worse, then running is bad for you.  The same goes for squatting.  However, if these are improving your quality of life and health, then you should be doing them!  As long as your health improves, there isn’t bad exercise.  Maybe a Total Body Conditioning class isn’t the same as a circuit of exercises such as the one below, but guess what, that IS exercise.  Just by getting up and going to the gym, you’re already in the minority, as far too little people exercise regularly.  Even the slightest task of walking around the block after dinner is going to be more beneficial for you than sitting on the couch.  Robin likes to make the point that these people are being proactive about their health and improving their quality of life.  I like to make the point that they’re not doing the best thing they can be doing.  But they are doing something, and that’s more than most of their peers.

While I like to push myself and those around me when I train, some people simply don’t do that.  They’re content with walking the treadmill, ‘doing weights’, and going home.  In my dream world, these people would instead push Prowlers, do Chin-Ups, and be swing kettlebells for their cardio.  It’s not my world though, and they can choose to exercise their bodies in whichever means they see fit.  I’m sure they know that there are people working harder than them, but they also better know that they are working far harder than many other people.  Whatever form of exercise you prefer, it’s going to improve your health if you perform it regularly, and I commend you for your dedication, regardless of it’s a daily mile walk or you’re doing hill sprints.  While I love optimizing workout effectiveness and moving closer towards efficiency on the continumn, that is only important if you’re already exercising!  If you don’t regularly exercise, then efficiency doesn’t mean anything; just start doing something that you like, and as you see results from it, start exploring some other modalities of exercise.  If you’re already on board, you can make the necessary changes to your workout, but you have to be doing something first.  If that’s you, please find something fun that improves your health, because your life may depend on it.

If you’re new to regular exercise and want to get your feet wet; you can find some tips HERE.

If you’re ready to push yourself a little  harder, try THIS Training Checklist.

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