Eat Your Eggs People!

imageThose 5 eggs you see were scrambled, cooked, and eaten shortly after that picture was taken.  They consisted of my lunch, along with some mixed vegetables.  If you’re keeping score at home, I also drank 20oz of ice water, and took 3 caps of fish oil.

Eggs are a huge part of my diet, and I’ll eat them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; there’s never a bad time to eat eggs.  If you’re like my Health and Fitness professor, I know that you’re reading this thinking that I’m destined for a heart attack.  In fact, I think he may have had one when I handed in my ‘Sustenance Intake Log’, which showed that I ate 18 eggs in 4 days.  Unfortunately, I can’t really blame people for thinking that eggs are the devil.  Following years of low-fat diets pushed by the Center for Disease Control, American Medical Association, and American Heart Association, we’re bound to place eggs somewhere between Charles Manson and Cigarettes on the same Continuum of Evil.**

Anecdotally, I’m suprised nobody stopped and thought about the fact that these low-fat diets weren’t doing anything but making America unhealthier and more obese, but that’s not the point.  We have plenty of scientific evidence explaining why eating eggs is healthy, and if anything, they can improve your cholesterol.  If you’re still sticking to your egg-white omelets after reading these, then there’s no helping you.

The following list contains blog posts and articles about why eggs are a good thing to put in your body.  I’ve pulled links to the quoted studies out of each link, and included those in a separate list below.

I know that reading all of those articles was super fun, so here’s a quick mid-link pick me up from Underground Wellness:

The following links will all lead you to research which details why eggs are healthy and nutricious:

And now because you’ve been such a good sport, here’s a video that was apparently made my 6-year old eggaholics, who are starting their love affair from a young age.  Good for them, they’ll grow up healthy and strong.  Go eat your eggs, people!

**The Continuum of Evil isn’t real, I just made it up.

4 Replies to “Eat Your Eggs People!”

  1. It’s nice to read that they aren’t as harmful as people believe them to be 🙂 I love my eggs 🙂 Thanks for the links.. I’m off to check them out now! 🙂

  2. AMEN!!! For a while I was eating a dozen a day (mostly due to convenience) – 4 for breakfast, then 8 hardboiled ones at various points of the day as snacks (hell of a lot easier than microwaving stuff). My only problem with eggs is I tend to get kind of tired of eating them for a bit. But usually after about a week or so I start craving them again.

  3. Please send this blog post to Colman so that I stop getting dirty looks when I buy real eggs instead of a carton of egg whites.

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