Damn You, Literacy!

It begins tomorrow morning.  15 weeks of student teaching in 3 different placement sites.  My first placement is elementary physical education, followed by secondary physical education in the same school district.  My spring break will be spent visiting training facilities in the greater Boston area, and attending the AAHPERD National Conference.  I’ll return home and head straight into my health student teaching, which will be at the same school I completed my health practicum placement at.

I’m nervous, I’m excited, and I know that it will be over very quickly; May 18th is just around the corner.  But first, Gandalf:

There are two classes required during student teaching, one of them a seminar and the other a literacy class.  I’ll be taking my ‘seminar’ as an intensive workshop at the National Conference, which should be really cool.  The literacy class only meets once a week, on Tuesday nights, from 8pm-10pm.  I’d rather not be up that late, but it’s quite alright; I’m looking forward to learning more.  Unfortunately, as of last night, Literacy is scheduled to interupt even more learning!  Damn you, Literacy.

Last night I received an e-mail from Joe Heiler at SportsRehabExpert.com, with news about the 2012 Sports Rehab to Sports Performance Teleseminar.  I subscribed to the free webinar series last year, and signed up as soon as I saw the e-mail.  After the 10 presentations I listened to last year, I knew I couldn’t miss out on this.  I know that it may seem like a product plug, but it’s really not; I’m a guy that likes learning, and these presenters are some of the top in the game:

Shirley Sahrmann PT – Movement Impairment Syndromes of the Cervical/Thoracic Spines and Extremities.
Calvin Dietz – U. Minnesota – Triphasic Undulating Training Model, Submax.High Velocity Training, the Role of the CNS in Strength and Conditioning
Charlie Weingroff PT/Bill Hartman PT – Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and Postural Restoration Institute
Pavel Tsatsouline RKC – Kettlebell Training for Performance, Injury Prevention, and Rehab
Patrick Ward- LMT, CSCS– Comparing the Soft Tissue Systems, the Fascial System and Load Transfer, STM for Recovery
Kyle Kiesel PT – Motor Control Research and Applications to Rehab/Training, Diagnostic Ultrasound and Low Back Pain
Greg Rose DC – 4×4 Matrix, Asymmetry and Motor Control Dysfunction
Mike Reinold PT – RTC repair, Patellofemoral Rehab, Functional Stability Training
Craig Liebenson DC – Functional Evaluation and Treatment
Eric Cressey CSCS – Impingement and Instability, Power Training, Functional Stability Training

If you know those names, you’ve already signed up by now.  If you don’t know those names, you should sign up and figure out why you should know those names.  THIS is another link to the sign up page.  The lecture series will kick off on Tuesday January 17th at 8pm, with a new interview posted every Tuesday evening through March 21st.  Each interview will be available for the entire week on a free page on the site so you can catch them when you’ve got the time.   Maybe I shouldn’t damn my Literacy class, seeing as these webinars will be available for the entire week.

The names of the presentations sound pretty heavy, don’t they?  I’m sure that there will be bits of each presentation that are over different listeners heads, and I already expect to have Sahrmann’s book ready to flip through, Weingroff’s DVD ready to go, my two books from Gray Cook, and Google ready to search for explanations to what I miss.  That’s okay, it’s part of the learning process!  Even if you’re not a trainer, or coach, or teacher, you should still check this series out! It’s free, and everyone loves some free stuff, right?  Sign up for extra knowledge bombing from some real heavyweights!

I’m really excited to have a 2012 that begins with a whole lot of learning.  Student teaching will take up plenty of energy, and I’ll spend time reading, listening, watching, and watching on my own.  These webinars will add to the knowledge base I’m trying to expand upon.

Before I said I was nervous to student teach, but compared to what these guys did on New Years Eve, it shouldn’t be that bad:

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