Wise Words from Wooden and Wolf

I have two videos to quickly share with you today; one about success and the other about clean eating.  The videos are rather long, but I demand strongly encourage that you watch them, and consider what you can do differently to increase your quality of life.

The first video is from revered UCLA Men’s Basketball coach John Wooden, “The Wizard of Westwood”.  Other than winning 10  NCAA championships in 12 years, including 7 in a row, Wooden is best known for the messages that he delivered to his players.  These spoke to success on the basketball court as well as to success in life.  In the video below, Coach Wooden discusses what is true success for a segment for the TED Talks series from 2001.  Watch it, then watch it again:


In the past week, I’ve run across Wooden’s Pyramid of Success  several times in the past week; it’s posted in the Physical Education offices and locker rooms at my student teaching placement, and it was discussed by a guest professor during a lecture at Adelphi.  If you right click and ‘view image’ below, you’ll see a large image that’s much easier to read:

The second video I have for you is from Robb Wolf, a coach, nutritionist, lecturer, and author.  Odds are you’ve heard of his book and/or podcast, The Paleo Solution. I’ve read several of Robb’s interviews before, listened to him on a number of podcasts, and appreciate his analysis of the role of diet in over all health and athletic performance.  In the video below, Robb discusses the basics of the Paleo diet, delving into evolutionary health and the impact that diet has on chronic diseases.  It’s a great summary of Robb’s information, and I hope that watching it makes you think a little bit more about the food that you make to eat, and the food that we’re not made to eat.  By the way, the video is 68 minutes long, and Robb drops some serious knowledge bombs in it:

I’m not 100% on board with everything that Robb suggests eliminating, but I’m pretty close.  Eat lots of dead animals and the vegetables they’d be eating, too.  Exercise on a regular basis.  Sleep.  Repeat.   It’s pretty simple.

I’m going to be thinking of those pearls of wisdom through the rest of the day; hill sprints, a meeting at the gym, training a client, then doing some grocery shopping.  Enjoy the rest of your day, and reflect on what Wooden and Wolf have said!

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