September Musings

September is here, and I’m friekin’ excited for it!  It marks the start of my most favoritest season, fall, which English majors love to call autumn.  Seriously, doesn’t autumn sound wayyyyyy cooler than fall?  Aren’t they both awesome?

I’m excited for several things this September, and we should start with the single most important aspect of autumn, which is pumpkin season:

I love me some coffee, but I swapping my normal Dark Magic K-Cup for the Pumpkin Spice variety, brewed over a cinnamon stick.  Delicious and improved insulin sensitivity?  Awesome.

Pumpkin is a nutritious food, and you should certainly strive to include some in your diet.  I’m a fan of pumpkin smoothies as a thicker post-workout shake, and if you’re not carbophobic, pumpkin oatmeal is pretty good.  Most of the store purchased pumpkin products are laden with hydrogenated oils and sugar, and while one isn’t going to kill you, I don’t encourage finding a dose response for consumption.  Limit those delicious Dunkin’ Donuts delicacies as much as you can, ‘kay pumpkin?  Lighting a pumpkin scented candle and having a salad should do just fine.

While it’s pumpkin season for our senses, it’s also running season, with local 5k’s, half marathons, and full marathons popping up all over the place, and I wish good luck to all of those training for them.  I’m not the biggest fan of long duration endurance work for a health or aesthetics standpoint, but if you have a training goal, go for it.  If looking and feeling better is your goal; stick with the healthy eating, lifting, and HIIT.

I’ve recently taken to following a set of sprints each week with an extended walk home, and will continue this until the weather is just too col.  I swap the tunes for a podcast, and learn while I stroll through the park taking in some fresh air, soon-to-be fall foliage, and  the sun’s warming rays.  All of the ‘niceness’ and relaxation of going for a jog, but after sprints.  It may be a reach, but I’m trying to get the best of both worlds.

Now we pause you for my schedule music break, featuring the most feel-good song ever written about a season.  No, music buffs, Vivaldi doesn’t count.

Doesn’t that song make you want to dance, or at least sing along in falsetto while you mumble words that you don’t actually know?  I mean, that’s what I do…

(Now, some serious stuff:) September is looking to be a big month for me; I have a growing stack of books to make my way through, including Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning as I study for the NSCA’s CSCS certification.  I’m looking forward to updating you with my progress, and sitting for the exam as soon as I feel ready.

I’m also looking at restyling and updating portions of this here blog, so for those of you that have been with me for a while, I’m going to give you something a little bit polished to look at.  I think you’re going to like what’s coming your way.

(Back to the hodgepodge or randomness) I find autumn to be the most romantic season of the year, as the falling leaves and dropping temperatures lead us to find heat in a warm cup of apple cider, or next to a bonfire.  Break out the sweaters!  I’m a wee bit of a romantic, but for some reason, the “Do you even lift?” pick up line hasn’t worked so far.  I’m using this instead:

Between the pumpkin flavored everything, enjoying the changing seasons with walks and an occasional jog, and creepertastic faces, it’s looking to be a great season.  If I can pass on what I’m learning, we’ll all get smarter in the processes.  Now, I’m going to get ready to head in to the Big Apple with Juliet and Erika; we’re going to feast on dead animals, discuss our favorite ways to pick up heavy shit, and have ourselves a good ol’ time.  I’ll try really hard not to make that face.

Look for a review of our trip tomorrow.  Until then, happy Labor Day Weekend, and happy September!

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