12/14/12 Update: Under Construction!

12/14/12 Update:  Several weeks ago, I created an Amazon aStore account, and started a store tag in the menu above.  Amazon offers a small commission, and I’ve done this so that when I recommend products, I might see a wee-bit of money.  The list of products I’ve recommended is pretty low, and in no way will using the Amazon program effect that.  You won’t see any difference in what I’m recommending, you’ll just see a difference in the links.  When appropriate, I’ll be using Amazon aStore links with my personal link identification, so that if you click and purchase, I’ll be credited by Amazon.  As I continue writing, you’ll find those links in upcoming posts.  Here’s the link to my current ‘store’ as is:


Harold Gibbons’ Store


Original post: Hey ya’ll!  If you’ve been to my corner of the interwebz more than once, I’m sure you notice something a little fishy around here.  I’m in the midst of updating the format, themes, and dropping that pesky .wordpress part of the site.  Everything should be ironed out as much as possible in the upcoming week, and I think you’re really going to like the changes I’m making.

This won’t be the 2nd Ave Subway, or the Big Dig; you’ll find yourself on HaroldGibbons.com sooner than you know it.  In the mean time, I’d just like to thank you for continuing to check out what I have to say, and for responding with your comments, e-mails, Tweets, and Facebookin’.  It means a lot to me that I can connect with people from across the globe.  (I’m still waiting on you, Antarctica.)

As new changes come along, let me know what you think!  I’m excited to recieve your feedback, and I hope you enjoy the new changes:

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