Don’t Wheyt Around

Happy Monday morning to all of ya’ll!  If you don’t mind, I’d like to rewind to my Friday night, when I played in a concert at Saint Agnes Cathedral in Rockville Center.  The place was packed, the program was great, and the choir and orchestra sounded amazing.  A good time was certainly had by all.

Right before intermission, we played a piece that I think you may have heard before:

This was my first experience playing the timpani part for Messiah, and playing it in a giant cathedral was pretty awesome.  I snapped a picture of my stand once we were finished:


Ya damn right I had a Muscle Milk on stage with me!  Don’t fret my musical friends, it stayed in my stick bag until intermission.  See, I went straight from the gym to the concert, so having a shake on hand made things a little bit more convenient.

Should a shake be your go-to meal?  No.  A whole-food meal will almost always be a better option.  There are those times though, that they’re not practical, and wheyting to eat isn’t an option.  That’s where Whey Proteincomes in.  It’s a simple and quick way to include protein in your diet, and is often easier than convincing someone, including myself, to go out in search of eggs, fish, steak, or chicken.

Post-workout nutrition, and nutrition as a whole, is an important part of the results you earn in the gym, and overall health.  However, if you’re making yourself crazy about what you’re eating and when you’re eating it, you’re not going to have much fun, are you?

Who’s having more fun, the person runs out of the gym mumbling about the ‘anabolic window’, or the person who has a quick post-workout shake, takes a nice shower, gets themselves cleaned up, and then heads off to work or on a hot date.  I’d much rather be the guy having the “Shower Shake”, as my friend Kyle calls it.

Post workout nutrition isn’t rocket science, and it’s probably when you have the most wiggle-room for eating.  Perhaps you’re set up to grab a whole meal, and that’s awesome for you.  If not, bringing a scoop or two of whey protein is a simple way to help your body refuel and recover, and carry on with the more important parts of your day.

A word to the wise: Whey can make your blender bottles smell kind of funky, so I’d advise using a ziplock bag to transport it until you’re ready to drink.  Just make sure you label it properly, so that things don’t get awkward:



2 Replies to “Don’t Wheyt Around”

  1. LOL at that picture!!!! I always take protein powder with me in my carry-on baggage. I’m yet to be stopped to explain it! I love that you took a protein shake on stage with you 😀

    1. You haven’t been stopped?! That’s amazing! I’m flying in February, and I hope I don’t run into any problems. The Muscle Milk was a necessity, but I hid it until intermission. Although, it would be good if they were looking for music-related sponsorships.

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