Talking Shop: Video Interview with Tony Gentilcore

I almost had a heart attack yesterday.

Not a real heart attack, but one of those moments when something goes wrong and your adrenal glands say, “Hey, remember us?!  We’re your friends!”  No, you’re not, adrenal glands.  Leave me alone.

See, yesterday I recorded a video interview with Tony Gentilcore.  We chatted about a number of topics, he dropped knowledge bombs like a boss, and we had a good ol’ time.  Then, about 3 seconds after we ended the Skype session, I couldn’t find the file on my computer.

A feared that all was lost, I visited my local Apple Store to see if they could help me out, and one of the Geniuses found it without making me feel like an Idiot.  #Success.

You’re about to watch a video interview I did with Tony Gentilcore.  For those of you that do not know, he’s a strength coach and co-founder at Cressey Performance in Hudson, Mass., runs one of the edutaining blogs in the fitness industry, and finds a good balance between nerd and bad-ass.  Just like this guy:


When I first began reading about fitness I happened to stumble upon Tony’s blog, and after 5-6 several years of reading he’s had a profound influence on me.  We both have an appreciation for the more technical and nerdy sides of training, but understand that if all conversations discuss thoracic extension/rotation immobility and their impact on scapulohumeral rhythm, most folks don’t want to read that.

As such, you can see that this “interview” was very conversational.  Questions came from some of my friends on the Facebook, my own questions, and then some on the fly.  There was a wee-bit of lag at moments towards the end of the video, but for the most part, you’re about to see just over an hour of Mr. Gentilcore talking about all things fitness and how to be more awesome.  Here we go:

I’m more than humbled that Tony spent over an hour and a half talking shop with me and sharing his knowledge, and I hope that you have as much fun learning from him as I continue to do.  We’ll try to get together the next time I’m in Bahstin or he’s in New Yawk.  Somehow at the end of our chat I said something about racing Tony to a 600lb deadlift; I’m 145lbs away, and he’s 30lbs away.  Looks like I to step my shit up.

Tony, stole this from your site, hope that’s okay.

If you’re near Hudson, Mass. you should make it your mission to stop by Cressey Performance and check the place out.  I visited the old facility to observe for a day, and was amazed at the new facility and the Cressey Performance Fall Seminar.  Seriously, it’s better than your gym:


That’s all for the day; hell, you shouldn’t even be reading this.  Listen to our chat.  Seriously, stop reading!  Okay, fine, you’re not going to listen anyway.  Thank you for your support and thank you Tony for being an inspiration.  Leave a comment to  me know what you think and if you have any questions for round two.  Hopefully everyone gets to pick up heavy shit today!


4 Replies to “Talking Shop: Video Interview with Tony Gentilcore”

  1. You got to talk to him for that long?! Here’s me expecting a 5 minute video…. awesome! I’m going to come back when I have more time to watch it 🙂

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