“What About Your Warm-Up” Article On Fitocracy

If you’ve ever looked at my feed on The Tweeter or any of the links that I’ve posted here, then you know that I’m a huge fan of the website and mobile app Fitocracy.  The site allows user to train their workout progress and earn points which accumulate so that you can earn badges, achievements, quests, and ultimately, level up.  It’s a role player game in real life.

I’m a huge fan of the community and tracking that Fitocracy offers, so much so in fact that I decided to become a Fitocracy Ambassador to spread the message of absolute ass-kickery.  Seriously, I’m not making this up:


As a Fitocracy Ambassador, I get to be totally awesome, use Fitocracy, and write pieces for the site!  Actually, you get to do those first two as well, so good on you!  My goal in Ambassadorship is to make best practices and current trends in strength and conditioning easier to access and implement to our non-competitive athletes; Folks just like us who want to train effectively for their lifestyle and goals, but want to embrace their ability to move well, move often, and move strong.  As I said to the Fitocracy team, the things we lift lift us.

My first few pieces on the site will likely follow the same timeline that you’ll follow yourself when you’re heading out for a training session, be it in the weight room or on the track.  If you’re looking for a tune up to your warm-up, let’s make sure that you’re starting with the basics right here:


Click on through with that picture to read my first piece.  We get into some nitty-gritty of how to prepare for your training, be it a strength based workout, conditioning, a casual swim in the pool, or cuddling with your new puppy.

If you’re thinking to yourself, Damn, Harold is crushing on Fitocracy prettttttyyyy hard, then continue reading, because there’s a sweet infographic and video to explain to you why.

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If you’re really trying to learn more about Fitocracy, then you can check out their episode of Small Empires with Alexis Ohanian.  It’s 24 minutes long and offers great insights into the Why and how of their company.  Great info.

If you’ve read this far and think Fitocracy is as cool as I do, then get on over there and make an account.  If you click through HERE, it even lets me know so that we can interact on the site.  How cool is that?!

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