Why Should You Care About Corrective Exericse?

I’ve got beef with corrective exercise.  It’s not the concepts, systems, or methods.  It’s how we approach it.  Corrective Exercise has the ability to absolutely change people’s lives, but that ability is seriously undermined by the emasculating approach of corrective culture.

Recently I’m far more excited about how we approach corrective exercise, rather than just what we’re doing.  When I first began training I was most excited to learn the best system ever, but I’ve realized that those systems don’t work if your clients or fitness enthusiasts don’t want to use them.  If the pursuit of movement perfection makes you physically or emotionally feel like a train wreck, then you’re doing it wrong.


Above all else, corrective exercise should be a process that allows us to best reach our goals. (Click to Tweet!

Finding an appropriate balance of physiology and psychology is important, especially with how we approach corrective exercise.  At best, we use it as a tool to best reach our goals, and at worst perceive physical or movement asymmetry as character flaws.  While we hope to affect movement, there’s also a profound effect on emotion.

It’s my contention that corrective exercise should be framed as a system of empowerment rather than a tool to fix dysfunction. Is that semantical?  Yes, but I believe that the difference in mindset and perception is huge.

I discussed this idea in a recent post for the MFF blog to provide some foresight into how we approach and program corrective exercise for our Ninjas.  Let me warn you, there’s some profanity and general debauchery, perfect for the culture of Unicorns and Glory. So, why should you care about corrective exercise? I tell you right HERE.


If you love that, if you hate that, let me know in the comments here or on the MFF blog!

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