Announcing Online Coaching in 2015!

Hi friends!

The new year is coming. That means time for resolutions: Get organized. Stay organized. Work more.  Work less. Spend more time with loved ones.  Spend more time with yourself.  

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Then there’s the ultimate New Years Resolution: Get in shape.

How can you make this year different? What can you do this year to finally achieve those goals and change your life? This is where I can help you. I am launching my revamped online coaching program!

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This isn’t really about a 6-pack or a 600lb deadlift.  This is about unlocking your personal power so that you can fulfill your potential.  That’s why we start making resolutions in the first place, right?

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Resolutions aren’t always successful. 

It’s not your fault; you haven’t learned how to make these hopes into habits.  Little League in 3rd grade, volleyball in 10th grade, and intramural dodgeball in college didn’t teach you how to establish a sustainable fitness routine.  As adults we’re drowning in a sea of information, but we lack the skills to put that knowledge into practice.  During online coaching, we’ll work together to build sustainable fitness habits.

I believe that you can dramatically improve the quality of life by developing simple and sustainable personal fitness habits. My goal is for us to realize your inner strength while reaching your aesthetic and athletic goals.  Proper nutrition and movement-based training are powerful tools in feeling the difference between surviving and thriving.

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My distance coaching and program design services allow you to  focus on what’s really important; living your life while training hard.  Your program will address soft tissue work, dynamic flexibility/mobility, movement preparation, strength work, power development, hypertrophy, and fat loss.  Each program will be tailored specifically to your goals and needs, along with media support to ensure your success.  Through education and hands-on training, my goal is to not only improve your training, but improve your life.

What we will do:

Most program design products give you a framework that lacks the supporting structure to ensure your success.  You’re told what to do, without guidance in actually doing it.  It’s a focus on the what, not the how or the why.

This online coaching program takes the benefits of a professionally designed program and adds the benefits of an ongoing conversation.  We’ll work together to build a system that is custom tailored to ensure your success every step of the way.  This includes:

  • Initial consultation via Google Hangout or Skype
  • Monthly Program Design in Google Drive.  (3 total)
  • Hangout or Skype Coaching Session to review each new program. (3 total)
  • Weekly Program Check-In via e-mail.
  • Trouble-shooting and testing via e-mail.
  • Coaching Curriculum with monthly focus based on your goals.
  • Wrap-Up Hangout or Skype Coaching Session.

So that I can commit my best self to you, I ask that you commit 3-months to our program.  This gives us the opportunity to revise and refine a system that keeps you on that path to success.

I’d like to best serve my readers with this new program, so I’m limiting the January 1st launch to 5 spots. For only $200 per month, we can build habits together to create sustainable change.  If you are interested in becoming a stronger, healthier, and happier version of yourself, then sign up now!

2015 may be the last year you make fitness a New Years resolution.  It’s the year to build a better you, in body and in spirit.  This is the year that you make the decision to make a better you. Are you ready?

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