Tuesday Talk: How To Take Care of Your Hands When Using Kettlebells

If you’ve ever jumped into a new weight training program, you’ve experienced that big change.  You know the one that I’m talking about… it’s that change in your hands.  Hand care is a hot topic for those that want to lift weights without developing the callused hands of a sailor, and keeping those palms pretty is relatively simple.  Let’s make sure we’re managing our expectations first, shall we?

You’re working out because you expect your body to change.  It may be a physique focused change, or a performance focused change, but you’re expecting your body to change.  Expecting your hands to not change at the same time is a bit naive.  After all, they’re what connects you to the weights that you’re lifting!


Today my good friend and MFF team member Geoff Hemingway joins me for a chat about how we can take care of our hands so that they can help take care of us.  Check it out and let me know what you think! Calluses beware!

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