ANNOUNCEMENT: Motivation and Movement LAB

Hello friends!

I’d like to tell you about an incredible new project that I’ve been working on at MFF, and this one is for fitness professionals.  If you’re a strength coach, personal trainer, physical therapist, or fitness business manager, this is what you’ve been waiting for.  It’s the Motivation and Movement Lab!


The idea for this project was born of the desire for a better conference.  You see, there are some incredible organizations and events out there, with the best presenters and the best attendees in the industry.  The format is almost always lecture-only, or what I like to call the “sit-and-stare.”  It works for some, but not all.  That’s why we’re doing things differently:

On Saturday, April 25th, the Mark Fisher Fitness team is hosting our first Motivation and Movement LAB (M/M LAB) for fitness professionals.  Our take on the fitness conference is a laboratory — one that lets health and fitness professionals like you explore progressive strategies to enhance your life and the lives of your clients.

Learn more on the M/M Lab website, and ENROLL to join us on April 25th!

You’ll gain insight into just how Mark Fisher Fitness built a multi-million dollar fitness business in less than three years. We’ll be joined by guest star, Jedi Knight and fitness super hero Tony Gentilcore and together we’ll explore strategies to improve your coaching and your business in an innovative format.  Each speaker will offer a 30-minute lecture and a 45-minute interactive work session to allow for a more complete integration of the concepts covered.

  • Mark Fisher will share his Top 3 secrets behind MFF’s success.
  • Tony Gentilcore will share his progressions that allow nearly everyone to do a pull-up.
  • Harold Gibbons (that’s me!) will share scientific strategies to match movement with appropriate cues to make coaching more effective.
  • Kyle Young will share social media and marketing magic, to create a deeper relationship before and after training.


After we share, you share!  We’re breaking the mold and using those 45-minute to build a connection between the content and your current practice.  You’ll have hands-on time to tune your own approach, with feedback from the presenters, so that you leave with a clear, actionable list of steps to improve your practice.  Monday morning will feel different as your M/M LAB skills lead to immediate positive impact on your clients and your career.

You can learn more at the M/M Lab website, and ENROLL to join us on April 25th for new ideas, new results, and a new you.


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