Interview on The Awesomeness Show (Podcast)

Friends, I have a first to share with you today, and that’s my very first podcast interview!

Last week I sat down with my friend Justin Stratton, to chat for his podcast, The Awesomeness Show.  We met at MFF, and Justin serves on faculty as a coach in their Superhero Academy and Snatched II programs.

He’s launched his own coaching as The Awesomeness Coach working with Creative Leaders, helping people identify where they are and where they want to be. The role of “navigator” is one that we both enjoy, and we got to talk about the tools we use with our clients.  I also referenced Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Fight Club, and snuggling puppies.  Naturally:


When Justin asked me to share my favorite quote, I went with, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”  That wisdom is from our glorious wizarding friend, Gandalf the Grey.

“I don’t want to write the story for you, I want you to be in better control of writing your own story. For me, fitness is an incredible tool for that, but fitness is not the story on it’s own.  We’re going to get into that in the talk.

Check out my episode of The Awesomeness Show on iTunes, or get a direct link to the mp3 HERE.

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