Tuesday Talks: Revisiting the Records

Happy Tuesday, y’all!  Today we’re going to dive into the Tuesday Talk archives and share some past gold with you.  Catch up on these, and you’ll be prepared for a slew of new videos coming your way soon!

Before I turn you over to the talks, I want to remind you of something I’ve been thinking about recently: You are always there to be your own coach.  You are always there to provide feedback and support for yourself.  It’s going to happen; that part is a given.

What matters most is how we let that happen.  Are you taking the time to reflect, and to do so accurately? Are you providing productive feedback, or are you tearing yourself down?  Remember, as my good friend Gandalf always says, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”  If you remember this while coaching yourself, you’re far more likely to have fun during the process.


Now let’s get into the talks.  We’ll start with my first one, featuring former-MFF superstar and current Kansas City bad-ass, Amanda Wheeler.

Amanda’s glorious knowledge is followed by a double-header from the palindrome, HG/GH Combo.  Let’s hear the humble, wise words of Mr. Wonderful, Geoff Hemingway.

Geoff and I continued being pals for our Salad Sequel.

Hell, let’s continue the magic.  Geoff and I spoke about hand care while using kettlebells.  Why is this important?

Nobody wants broken, beat up hands.  No, we want our hands to be tough enough to get it done during our day, but that doesn’t mean you need dragon scales.  If you want your body to adapt to training, expect your hands to change during the process, but it’s easy to take care of them to keep those calluses in check.

Let’s change things up as I share another pal with you.  My girlfriend Katie is my best friend, and she’s full of knowledge bombs on habits and psychology.  We recorded this talk on the way back from New Hampshire, and I could talk to her like this for HOURS.  Join us:

As an added bonus, I’ll sneak in this LONG talk I did last year with Jedi Knight and general bad ass, Tony Gentilcore.  Tony is a huge inspiration for me, and it’s always a pleasure to share his smarts with the rest of the world.

There you have it, a Tuesday Talk visit to the archives.  There are quite literally hours of video for you to watch, and I hope that just a bit of it can provide some edutainment to make your next moment of movement feel even better.  Thanks for sharing!

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