I’m not a huge fan of vegetables.  I’ll eat a few, but the whole leafy-greens thing doesn’t really tickle my pallet.  Because of this, I’ve been taking a greens supplement, so I can get some of the healthy goodness of veggies without wanting to eat glue instead.

Recently I’ve been making some good absolutely fantastic smoothies that help me get in some plant-based nutrition AND happen to be absolutely fantastic.  Did I say that already?  Okay, so I got the idea of making these ‘super shakes’ from listening to The Fitcast, a great podcast about fitness and nutrition.  They include a protein source, a healthy fat, a fruit, and a vegetable.  Hmm, how does that sound?  Yea, not so good, right.  Totally wrong.

My favorite shake which I’ve been making is this:  a hand-full of halved walnuts, a giant handful of spinach, a hefty pour of frozen blueberries, a scoop of vanilla whey protein, around 6 ounces of orange juice, and some ice.  (I know that my highly precise measuring skills will make recreating this one a breeze; sorry about that.  The next time I make it I’ll try to quantify exactly what I use.)  I know that you’re going to say “Wow, Harold, Spinach?  Gross!”  To which I’ll respond “No, not at all, actually; the blueberries and orange juice completely mask the taste, so you’re getting a whole lot of nutrition with a ton of flavor.  Its kind of like the V8 Fusion drinks, but without all of the high fructose corn syrup and processing.  So its way healthier.  Not to mention that the blueberries make it so damn tasty that you can have this bad-boy for dessert and you won’t even want that one cookie that turns into 4.  You know you do it.

Spark Notes version:  Throw that stuff into a blender.  You won’t be dissapointed.  And it’ll make you healthier too.  Who doesn’t want that?

Now I’m going to go make one…

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