Some Things That Are Awesome.

1.  I tried vanilla flavored rice milk for the first time today.  Can you say awesome?  I can say awesome.

2.  I watched The Fellowship of the Ring as well as The Two Towers this weekend.  Yes, Lord of the Rings is awesome.  So awesome in fact, that I used it as motivation to…

3.  I pulled a 325lb dead lift on Saturday at 185lb.  That’s not really that great, but considering I started pulling again 2 months ago after a 6 month hiatus, I’m pretty excited about it.  Related to that awesomeness, I’m de-loading this week, which is good because I feel tired and run down like an old man.

4.  I’m going to start an exercise-of-the-week segment for my gym; guess what you’ll be seeing up on here once a week?  Yep, that’s right.  I’ll be trying to keep it to 2 printed pages, so hopefully you’ll be getting short how-to’s on the basics at least once a week.  I’ll be building my own library of information, and trying to get it out there as well.

5. Sprints.  Because they’ll make you faster.  And stronger.  And build muscle while burning fat.  Your metabolism will love it..  And you (might) end up looking like this.

6. Ryan Reynolds.  Man Crush?  Hell yea.

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