Last Week, This Week

Wowzers have I been busy.  After spending last weekend in Dover, Delaware for a birthday party, I came home to downed trees and a lack of electricity until Tuesday night, and tons of work to do. Between studying for exams, preparing school work, writing plans and working, I’ve been swamped.  Luckily I absolutely destroyed an Anatomy/Physiology test today, so I’ve relaxed a little bit.

Or at least for the next 12 hours, because my weekend belongs to the Friedberg JCC and the South Shore Symphony.  If you want to exercise or listen to some sweet music this weekend, I’ll be involved in both.  All weekend.  Or at least until Saturday night.  On Sunday, all day, I’ll be putting together a Power Point for a public speaking speech (redundant?)  Then on Monday I’ll be prepping for a Tuesday night presentation about exercises that will help one’s golf game.  Lots to do by then!

Whats on my to do list? Well I want to kill golf balls, so lifting some heavy shit and swinging a golf club would be something to do.  I’ll make sure to get those done.  I’ll also try to do some Pull Throughs, because it makes your butt feel great and its a great movement prep for deadlifts and squats.  Which will make you awesome.

What else will make you awesome?  Doing Landmines and pulling sleds.  I’ll get some pictures of those up.  Also, tomorrow I’ll be taking a ton of pictures for an exercise-of-the-week segment I’m going to start on here, as well as at my gym.  If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know.

Doing all of that will probably make me pretty tired, and very hungry, and hopefully I’ll go to Moe’s and get a Joey Bag of Donuts: The 2nd greatest burrito ever.  Whats the greatest?  California Tortilla’s Thai Chicken Burrito.  Yay for Burrito’s.

Last thought:  Between a deload, traveling, loss of power, and a ton of work this week, I haven’t gotten a chance to lift (heavy) in almost 2 weeks.  I’m gettin’ achy and sore from it.  Point being:  Get your butt in the gym, and exercise as much as you can.

I’m out.

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