Squats, and 3 Things That Suck

This afternoon, as a graded speech for my public speaking class, I discussed the benefits, requirements, restrictions, and variations of the bilateral squat.  I discussed it, as quickly as possible, in 10:33.  Too bad I was supposed to speak for 4 – 6 minutes.  As much as I thought I was flying through the material, which I was, I have to say that I didn’t even break the surface.  If I could break it down into on sentence, I’d say “Everyone should squat.” Into two, it would become “Sitting ruins your body. Everyone should squat.”  Now if only I could have made it that simple for class…Whoops.

Really though, squats are important.  Gray Cook has said “Train the deadlift, maintain the squat.”  Yea, this is true, and as an exercise, the dead lift could be superior.  I’d much rather see people dead lifting than squatting.  BUT.  I think that the movement pattern of a deep squat is something that people should relearn.  I say relearn, because we were all born capable of doing it when we were 2.  Yea, its true.

If he can do it, why can’t you?  Well it could be a lot of things!  If you’re reading this, and you’re around my age and are a student, well that’s simple.  You’re sitting in class for how many hours a day?!  Keep going to class, but stay out of that chair as much as possible!!  Stand as much as you can.  How often do you find yourself in class looking like this? I’m sure its more often than you think.  Basically, everything your body is doing in this position, is the opposite of what it needs to be doing in a squat.  From your ankles to your shoulders, its putting your body in a position that will ruin your posture, and therefore compromise your ability to squat.  And if you can’t squat, you’re not a real person.  Okay, not exactly true, but maybe it will get you squatting more.

Now I’m picking on you for not squatting for a few reasons.  FIrstly, because its important for you to be able to get into a deep squat and keep a neutral spine.  Secondly, because as I slowly try to get my exercise of the week segments together, I’m going to be using a ton of squat variations, to help get people healthy and strong.  And lastly, because its just bad ass.  Doubt me?

Yea, she’s cooler than you.  She’s actually cooler than me too, because I can’t do that…YET!! I’ll get there, and hopefully you will too.

Okay, now on to 3 things that suck:  The first one is a superset of hang cleans and landmines.  It’s cool as hell…if you want to throw up.  Which is how I felt on Sunday.  Hopefully I get those in again soon.  What else sucks?  Well, try jumping rope, and whenever you catch your foot, you do 20 landmines.  Finish your landmines, and you pick the rope back up.  The more you jump, the better you get, so these intervals actually become longer and longer.  That’ll get your heart beating pretty quick.  What’s the last thing that sucks?  The fact that there is dessert in my house when I’m trying to eat some junk food.  I know that tomorrow morning I’ll be happy about it, but where’s the Ben & Jerry’s pints when you need them?!?

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