What Have I Been Up To?

What have I been up to?  Lot’s of things!

As I write this, I’m eating dinner and watching the season premier of Glee.  It’s a fantastic show, makes me think of my time in high school… even though, unfortunately, high school didn’t include days of singing and dancing.  Alas, the show is awesome.  Watch it.

So while watching Glee and getting out so cool content, I’m stuffing my face with a huge plate of baked beans, a hamburger, and egg noodles, while drinking a walnut/spinach/OJ/Frozen Blueberry/Whey/Creatine Monohydrate/BCAA shake.  It’s delicious, and I try to have one a day.  But I’ve talked about that before.

Now, because I like lists, and I like awesomeness, I’m going to create a list of awesomeness.  Here goes:

Phil Mickelson won his 3rd Green Jacket at the 2010 Master’s.  It was an epic performance, and I’m sure that his second shot on the 13th hole on Sunday will go down as one of the best in all of golf.

This one single swing is the epitome of Phil.  Was it the percentage play that he hit the green? (Or had a 7 foot eagle putt [Yea I know he missed it])  No, the play that he shoudl have played was a lay up, leaving a 60 yard wedge shot.  But he’s Phil.  He doesn’t play percentages.  He doesn’t aim for greens.  He plays for the pin.  And he does it no matter what.  It hurts him sometimes, but Phil plays with complete trust in his swing.  He’s the nice guy that plays like a bad ass.  I think that people, regardless of what sport they play, can play a little bit more like Phil.

Speaking of which, I’m going to follow in Lefty’s footsteps.  Probably not, but I do like to kill the ball off the tee, and I got a white Titleist hat, so if nothing else, I look like a badass.

What else, other than Phil, is awesome?  Well.  I registered for the Perform Better 3 Day Summit in Rhode Island.  I registered for the Northeast State Conference at UConn Stamford.  I found an NSCA conference in New York City on 6/19/2010.  This means more learning, more knowledge, and more me getting smarter.  I’m pretty excited about that.

I’m also excited about the trap bar that we’ll be getting at my gym. Hopefully, it includes everything in this picture…

Because we don’t have any collars like that, to secure the weights.  Okay, I’m kidding.  But seriously, trap bar’s are awesome, because they make dead lifting simpler for many people.  And if more people can deadlift, then the world will be a better place.  That’s a scientifically proven fact.

I’ve been super busy lately with school work, golf (both working and playing) and working at the gym.  I’ll be teaching/training a bunch of people in the upcoming two weeks, and I’m excited about trying to get more people moving and healthy.  It’s great!!

Now I’m off before a very busy Wednesday; Hopefully I’ll have some good content up soon!

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