So after checking out my very cluttered Google calendar, and seeing what I have going on for the next few weeks, I’ve realized that no matter what I will be rising at 6:00am every day from now on.  Yes, every day, including weekends, and holidays.  If there will be any exception, it will be weekend mornings when it will be raining.  Now, I’m not doing this because its beneficial for your internal clock to get up at the same time everyday.  I like having a schedule, but its not for that.  Seeing as its nice out and finally golf season (YAY!) I’ll be getting up on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to go caddy.  This will be my 8th summer caddying, and I’m the most excited for it.  I don’t think there is a better summer job; I get to be around a sport I find really interesting, I usually caddy for people that I know and like, I make some awesome money, and I get to walk around outside.  To me, I’m getting paid to exercise while I learn.  Can’t beat it.

Caddying on the weekends means I’ll be getting up early 7 days a week, but I have some other things that require early rising that I’m very excited for.

Now,  while it doesn’t require waking up at 6am, I am playing in a 6pm Dodgeball Tournament this upcoming Friday, the 9th.  It’s for Nassau’s Girls Lacrosse team to raise money, and I’m pretty excited about playing.  I’m on a team of 7 Physical Education majors, and hopefully we have enough natural athleticism to kick some butt!!

April 17th is going to be a huge day for me.  I’ll be down at the University of Delaware, my former school, for two great things I’m starting the day at the First State Sports Medicine & Strength Symposium, which is sponsored by the NSCA.  As a student my registration fee is nominal, and I’m going to learn a whole lot that’s directly applicable to what I’m doing as a personal trainer, and what I’ll be doing as a phys ed teacher.

As soon as the seminar is over, I’ll be heading over to the CFA at UD for the senior recital of my dear friend Jess Santiago.  She’s a phenomenal horn player, and I can’t begin to explain how excited I am for her performance.

The following Saturday, I’ll be heading out early to go to the NSCA Northeast State Clinic held at UConn’s Stamford Campus.  The list of scheduled speakers is a who’s-who in the field, and I’m going to get severely knowledge bombed there.  Two weekends in a row; lots of learning going on.  Wow!

Keeping up the Saturday theme, the week after that it’s back down to UD for the senior recitals of my brothers Chris Gage and Eric Daino.  Chris will be performing on the organ, and Eric has his senior composition recital.  They’re two of my greatest friends, and they’re also two of the greatest musicians I know.  Coincidence? (It may be, I’m not really sure.)

While I was intent on discussing my guaranteed early mornings, I realized I’m just talking about how awesome my Saturday’s are going to be.  When I’m not caddying on the golf course, I’ll be learning about the practical application of exercise physiology information, or I’ll be experiencing music from some of my best friends.  I don’t think that I need to say how excited I am for this stuff!

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