Relay from Hell

Just got home from what could be the most sadistic thing I’ve done at the gym.  After finishing a back squat 5 x 5, I convinced two friends two join me in a conditioning circuit.  One of them asked me for some tips to help him get “Men’s Health” status for summer.  Basically he wants to cut some fat.  The other guy, his cousin was along for the ride.  Unfortunately, I left my camera at home and missed out on any photo or video examples of our 20 minute hell.  That’s bad news, because I’d have liked to get examples.  It’s also good news, because it gives us a reason to do it again.  Sadistic?  Yes.  Painful?  Yes.  Six Pack to follow?  Priceless.

I’m not sure of the dimensions of the basketball court that we used, so I’m going to count in laps.  I’ll try to get a yardage number, to make it easier to replicate.

  1. Sprint.  Down and back.
  2. TRX Sled pull.  Down and Back. (The first trip used a 180lb sled, then for the second and third we dropped a plate and went with 135lbs.  It was still…taxing.)
  3. Walking lunges, on the way down.  Had to walk back.  Not fun.
  4. Suitcase walk.  60lb dumbbell. Down in the left hand, back in the right hand.  Should have been easy, but not as the last lap.
  5. Suck wind/ drink water.

Repeat.  Three times.  Terrible.

Doing it again, as soon as possible.

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