New Toys!!

For a while now, I’ve been promoting the benefits of foam rolling.  Tissue quality is vastly over looked, and has a huge impact on quality of movement, and everyone would benefit from performing some Self-Myofascial Release.  If the smartest coaches and best athletes in the world consider it an essential part of their exercising, then why don’t you?  Exactly.  Now, because you don’t believe me, you can see what Mike Boyle says about foam rolling. Hopefully now you’ll go to Perform Better and get one.  Now, you can Feel Better for Ten Bucks.

As a matter of fact, I recently placed an order from Perform Better.  I took advantage of some decent timing.  During their latest special offer, they’re offering a free warm up kit with orders over $100. Well, 5 foam rollers and a pair of Valslides later, I now have 4 new exercise bands to add to my tool bag.

The 1″ super band, and then light, medium, and heavy mini bands will fit right in my gym bag, and will allow me to get more done in and out of the gym.  My gym bag is slowly turning into a toy box, which is pretty damn cool.  Included with the 4 new bands, are my TRX, FTS Pro Monster Mini Bands, and now the Valslides. Oh, and a Foam Roller.  Obviously.  Also, I’ve been using chalk for the past few months, which is scientically proven to make you stronger.*

TRX supported Mountain Climbers.

Valslides.  Deceptive devices.

While I’ve always been a gear whore, and it usually is all fun and games, I think that these toys are more important, because I’ll be using them with other people, and not just on my own.  I’m glad that I’ll be able to increase the efficiency of my own workouts, as well as provide the best recommendations and program designs for the people that I see.  I’m looking forward to utilizing the Valslides in addition to the TRX to increase my exercise base for lower body training in those who should avoid axial loading.

What else is good about all of these toys?  Well, they’re pretty damn small!!  Excluding the foam roller, which is pretty tiny as it is, It’s extremely easy for me to slide the bands, TRX, and Valslides in my gym bag or backpack and take them with me where ever I’m going.  I’ll never have to worry about not being in the gym again!  That’s exciting, because I’ll be able to show people that with a little creativity and a few dollars, they can maintain and improve their health in fun and exciting ways.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?  Now go buy a foam roller.

*Not scientifically proven. Anecdotally accepted though, because you feel like a total bad ass.

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