You Bar

Who doesn’t like to eat?  We all like to eat!  I don’t think it’s anything too revolutionary to say that we all need to eat to live, right?  If you’d really like to disagree with me, you can try not to eat… you just won’t last that long.  (No really, don’t try it.  Not a good idea.

Those with the healthiest diets plan out their food intake; they know what they’re eating, and they know when they’re eating it.  It’s nothing revolutionary, many people aren’t on top of their nutrition.  They react to hunger, and don’t plan for it.  Maybe that’s why so many people in America look like this.  Maybe.

Now, I have my moments of poor nutritional planning, and find myself scrambling for something healthy when I’m hungry.  While I might have some nuts, hardboiled eggs, or cheese wheels on hand to stave off the hunger pangs, there are times when I’m not as prepared as I’d like to be.

This is going to change, however.  On Episode 176 of the FitCast, I heard about ‘You Bars‘, which are custom made protein, energy, and nutrition bars.  I haven’t ordered any yet, but I’m going to do so as soon as I can.  The concept is very similar to that of Build-A-Bears.  You pick out all of the ingredients that you want in your bar, as well as the quantities of each.  It is the most custom made bar you can buy.  Personally, I’m going to design and order a box, and see how much better they work as ‘rescue’ bars for when I’m in a jam.  I usually grab a Chewy bar, even though they’re not the best for you.  Now I’ll have a healthier snack, and one that’s loaded with awesomeness for me.  After I get them, I’ll be sure to give feedback on they’re tastiness, and if I’ll be ordering any more.  In the mean time, I might experiment with my own home-made bars, perhaps like THESE, from food enthusiast Melissa Smith.  Check them out.  Real Food is what it’s all about, people.

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