Exercise of the Week

Obviously, it’s easy to figure out what this post will be about, considering the title, but I’d like to develop a segment that discusses a specific exercise each week that would be beneficial to the majority of people’s exercise regimens.   The exercises that I’ll choose will range from mobility type warm up exercises to proven lifts, but all will be chosen for one reason; They’re good for you.  So from hip-bridges to push-presses,  I’ll be choosing exercises that give you the most bang for your buck. 

That being said, I’d love to hear suggestions and recommendations from people, which can help me think about exercises or movements that I’m not yet thinking about.   Unless it’s a bad idea, because I’m only going to be using awesome exercises.  AKA, no leg extensions.  They will never be the exercise of the week, although they might be the exercise of the weak.


Now, a few things will be taken into account for these choices.  The most obvious one is equiptment choices.  For those of you who aren’t going to find yourselves in a gym, they’ll be stuff that you won’t be able to do, or will have to modify to get done.  Also, there will be some (hopefully rare) choices that will be hard for the vast majority of you to get done, save those who I’m working out with, or those with the money and ingenuity to set up some pretty cool stuff (Relay From Hell.) 

What the ‘Exercise of the Week’ will come down to is one thing:  Will it improve you, and is it efficient?  Sure, there are some exercises that will improve you, but we’re going to be looking at the most time and energy efficient exercises.  So, in case you’re wondering about efficiency.  Would you rather do 3 different exercises to train your lower body, say leg extensions, leg curls, and , OR, do 3 sets of squats.  Granted you probably need to learn how to squat properly, but consider that you can do 1/3 the work if you’re squatting.  That’s not even considering the other benefits that compound movements have over isolation movements.   (Although, when we’re looking at activation work, there  will be some isolation exercises.)

All in all, if you can incorporate some of these exercises into your workouts, you’ll go from looking like this to looking like this. ( Tour De France dominance and cancer survival optional.)



                                           Who would you rather be like? 

So, while I’m super busy with schoolwork, 3 part time jobs, and training…I’ll be getting up an exercise each week that’ll will be beneficial for people to incorporate into their workout programs.

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