Music and Exercise

Do you listen to music while you exercise?  I’ve heard both sides, ranging from the music (or earbuds) being distracting to exercise, to people swearing by their favorite tunes.  Personally, I’m a huge fan of listening to the iPod while exercising, and I have 3 or 4 play lists that I listen to while I’m working out.  While the music on them ranges from hip-hop/rap to rock/metal, it’s all there for one reason:  Because it helps me.  I’ll listen to music on almost every set, and it’s because the music blocks out the outside world.  Weather it’s a heavy song to push me through a heavy lift or a rap single to play during conditioning, I’ve gotta keep the tune’s playing.  It’s essential.  In a gym that lacks a more serious tranining enviroment, it’s nice to have something to get me going.

Recently, I’ve been listening to heavier rock at the gym, and I think it’s doing wonders for me.  For example, I spent an entire workout on Tuesday listening to ‘Slaughtered’ by Pantera.  No, it’s not something I’d listen to if I was driving around, relaxing, or hanging out with friends, but I don’t think that there is a better song to squat to.  It was awesome.  I’m actually in the midst of creating a new play list involving some more heavy hitting songs,  that I can go to when I need that extra kick, or when I need a distraction from people curling in the squat rack, or super-setting bicep curls with their bench press.

So while I’m going to be listening to a lot more Pantera and Sevendust while I do work (son,) I’m going to be sticking with the hiphop for the conditiong work.   For some reason, that works the best for me, and I’m making tremendous gains recently.  It might not work for you if you don’t favor those styles of music, but I’d seriously suggest it.  And if you squat, listen to Slaughtered.  You’ll instantly get stronger.

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