3 Awesome Things for Me, Plus 1 for You!

Three awesome things have happened in the past 24 hours, and I’d like to share them with you.  Since you get to read about my boring life, I’ll include something extremely educational and important about fitness and nutrition.  It’s super high-tech, cutting edge data.  Not really, but it’s funny.

The most significant thing that’s occured is that I finished my last 2 summer classes, and now I’m totally finished with my work at NCC.  I’ve completed my Associates degree in 14 months, and I’m pretty excited I got it all done.  Adelphi’s fall semester doesn’t start until September 1st, so I’ll be spending the remaining 3 weeks doing what every college student does for their summer breaks; reading articles, blogs, books, and research papers…watching videos, webinars and podcasts… earning some Continuing Education credits towards my certification…and working, working out, and going to Arizona.  Yea, totally a relaxing summer break.  All 2.7 weeks of it.

Second in order of significance, and in order of awesomeness, is the brand new custom Oakley shades I just got.  I broke the pair I had for over two years, so I got a new-and improved version.  Of course, they’re entirely white, and I’ll look like I’m wearing a mirror on my face.  Totally Awesome.

I’m schedule for a de-load this week, which I’m in dire need of.  Between work, my workouts, and an absolutely atrocious sleep schedule, I’ve been worn down and tired.  I can’t wait to take it easy for a week.  As a send off to my ‘real’ lifting for the week, I incline pressed 275lbs today.  That’s pretty awesome for me, even though it’s still weak as shit.  I’m getting a whole lot better at this stuff though.

And finally, here’s an educational video on how to get in the best shape of your life:

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