Summer Break (But Not From Learning)

As of Thursday at 12pm, I’m finished with all of my work at NCC.  Summer break, here we come!

Except not.  While it’s nice to not have to drive to school every day,  I still have a ton of things going on.  I’ll try to stay on top of all of it, so I don’t become as busy as these people:

Now,  even though school is over, the learning isn’t.  I planned on going to Perform Better’s Functional Movement Screen Seminar in Boston next week, but have decided not to.  The cost is pretty steep, and I’ll certainly be in over my head, having yet to take college course work in kinesiology and functional anatomy.  That hasn’t stopped me from attending seminars in the past, but I’d like to get the most out of what Gray Cook and Lee Burton say, instead of scrambling to take notes and looking up what they’re saying the entire time.   So, I’ll be forgoing the FMS seminar, but I’ll still be learning a ton on assessments 3 ways.

I just purchased Assess and Correct from Perform Better.  Mike Robertson, Bill Hartman, and Eric Cressey created an in-depth DVD set that discusses stability and mobility limitations, and exercises that to correct them.  (Assess and Correct…get it?)  The product is endorsed and used by the best, and the three creators are certainly the best at what they do.  Honestly, it was a no-brainer for me to purchase.  Assess and Correct will become a go-to resource for me; this I know.  I’ll continually refer to it after I watch it the first time, so I can design the most effective programs possible.

After I watch Assess and Correct for the first time, I’m going to move on to two NSCA Online Education Courses.  Human Kinetics, the provider of the courses, offers a “Core Assessment and Training” course, as well as a “Flexibility Assessment and Prescription” course.  Both are obviously related to the Assess and Correct concepts, and between those three resources I’ll learn a great deal more than I could in a 2 day seminar.  I’ll also earn CEU’s for the NSCA courses, and have hard-copy materials to turn to when need be.  I can’t beat it!

In addition to purchasing Assess and Correct from Perform Better, I also purchased a Kettlebell and two foam rollers.  The foam rollers don’t need an explanation; they’re for ‘back up’, in case I need one for a client or somebody wants one.  The Kettlebell I purchased because I want to have my own kettlebell to use for non-gym workouts.  Sure, I’ll use it at the gym, that’s for sure, but I’ll mostly use it away from the gym.  I’m intrigued by working out outside, and working out with your body weight;  exercises that move your body through space are far more beneficial than exercises that move something towards or away from your body.  I’ve used my TRX outside for some awesome workouts, and I plan on adding the kettlebell for other exercises.  Yes, it’s obviously not body-weight, but it’s a valuable tool in the toolbox.  The folks at TRX teamed up with Pavel and Dragon Door, and created this TRX/Kettlebell DVD:

There are a number of great things going on there, and if you really want to keep your workouts as efficient as possible, I’d look into using both kettlebells and suspension training.

I’ll be working a lot more to pass the hours and make some money now that school is over.  Caddying is a great job, because I’m outside, moving around, helping people with their golf game, and making a ton of money.  That’s how I’ll be able to pay for all of this stuff I’m buying!  With September 1st and the fall semester just around the corner, lots of traveling to do, lots of learning to do, and plenty of costs of an active college male, I’ll need lots of money in the bank.

Lastly, without any judgement or comment on it, I leave you with this picture I found on

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