A Rant on Music in the Gym

This past week has been rough.  Juggling school work, working on and off campus, teaching drum lessons, and refusing to miss my own training has certainly been stressful.  Luckily, I have supportive parents, a great girlfriend, passionate professors, and friends with equally busy schedules.  The physical education majors in my ‘block’ at Adelphi just finished a swamped week, handing in two major papers yesterday (and some even had more work to do), but I have a few days of ‘calm’ before anything else needs to be done.  Due to the increasingly difficult workload, my blog has suffered, and I haven’t been able to post as much, or write content that is as engaging as I’d like.  Despite everything that I’m doing, I still feel very centered, and I’m relatively stress free.  It feels great, and I think that Hakuna Matata would be an appropriate theme song for the time being.

Outside of the endless amounts of work I have to do, I’m certainly keeping busy with things.  Last Monday, I accidentally left my iPod in a bathroom stall after training at Adelphi.  It only took me a few minutes to realize this and I called a friend, but it was too late: A kind soul decided that the economic reward of keeping my iPod was greater than the ethical reward of returning it to it’s rightful owner.  In all honesty, had I found the forgotten electronics of a stranger, I’d turn it in to the closest lost-and-found, and hope they found what they were missing.  Maybe I’m a sucker, but I believe the Golden Rule is the most important law we have;  I even included it in the notice that I hung up around the building.  I had some great feedback, but unfortunately never got my iPod back.  Unfortunately, someone’s child will pay for their father’s mistake.

I used my iPod religiously, and I’m sucking up my mistake and buying a new one; to me, it’s a necessary part of my education.  You know I’m a huge fan of podcasts, and I have a number of regularly used play lists.  If you’re wondering, I have a playlist called ‘Deadlift’, and it rocks hard.

Without being in the ‘bubble’ I usually create when using the iPod, I’ve certainly heard things that I’m not accustomed to.   Sometimes I forget that guys come in the gym to bench, curl, and talk about their weekends, and girls use the elliptical because their high school track coach told them their quads were too big.  The bubble is important to me, because I can only hear my heart beat, the drum beat, and just enough cues from someone I’m lifting with.  If you don’t use music to motivate your workouts, I’d seriously suggest doing so; it can help you lift stronger, lift longer, and avoid the stationary bike.  Starting listening to music when you exercise, because it certainly helps.  I’m realizing how much it does now, and it’s becoming irritating to curl while listening to the latest Ke$ha single.

I’ve yet to order a new iPod, but I’m going to go with the 160gb Classic.  It’s the only device with enough memory to hold all of my music/video, and I don’t really see a point to buying the Touch.  If I carry my phone around with me, why do I need the redundant technology that’s offered in the Touch?  If you’re in the gym using Face Time, then you don’t belong in the gym.  The classic will do just what I need it to: hold a massive amount of media, and play it for me when I need it.  I’ll need it to listen to podcasts when I drive around, and to listen to hard rock and metal in the gym, and to listen to jazz during the occasional minute of free time.


In a perfect world, I would train at a gym that played loud, motivating music, and where conversations during training were ‘What’s your favorite way to squat?’, and not ‘What’s your favorite kind of shot?’  Unfortunately, I don’t have my own garage yet, so I’m at the mercy of whoever sets the radio in the gym.  Until my new iPod arrives, I’ll be happy to talk to those in the gym around me, maybe I can inspire them to train a little harder, and they can do the same for me.  Based on what I’ve heard and observed this week, people need to eat more protein, spend more time working on mobility/flexibility, and they need to progress to heavier weights through each workout.

While there’s no ‘content’ in this post, I needed to rant a bit for the stress relief.  Check back tomorrow morning, and I’ll address those three topics of mobility, protein intake, and progressive overload.

3 Replies to “A Rant on Music in the Gym”

  1. Good rant, my brother. I also listen to hard rock/metal on my 160 GB iPod Classic in the gym, so I can feel your pain. Good luck, hermano.

  2. I hate people using IPods at the Y or gyms in general. Men used to socialize on the hunt, now we socialize in the gym. But that’s impossible if everyone is in their own little IPod world. The reason why the Y is better than Planet Fatness is because we have a community.

    1. Well said, Zach; the community atmosphere contributes to a better training environment. When we train, we’re ‘hunting’ aesthetic and performance goals, and socializing can make this a more fulfilling process. Unfortunately, there are some people who are more interested in the socialization than the hunting, and they take away from the atmosphere for those who are there to hunt first, and chat second. Jaw flexion is a part of gym life, but it should come second to hip extension. (I had to throw in a corny joke somehow.)

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