No Need For Alarm

“Alright, see you later!”  That’s what I heard my mom call to my brother this morning while he showered before school.  She was heading out to the gym, which she attends pretty religiously 5-6 days per week.  If it’s 6:43am, she’s heading downstairs; by 6:45am, she’s out the door.  Knowing that schedule, I didn’t even need to check the time to realize that I dropped the ball.  After wrapping up that little ol’ post on deadlifts last night, I forgot to set my alarm for 5:45am in my haste to get to bed.  Thursdays are easily my busiest day, with student teaching from 8:20am-3:26pm, a personal training client from 4pm-4:45pm, and floor hours from 5pm-9:30pm.  No time to train except early in the morning, and I missed it?  I’m doomed.

I like to stay on top of my training, and I hate missing workouts, but I’m pretty low-key when it comes to training modifications.  Missing equipment?  Low on time?  That’s fine; the world isn’t going to end if I miss a single day of deadlifts.  Come on people, they’re not that serious.

After Tuesdays workout which consisted of some hang power cleans and front squats, my quads and traps are pretty mad at me, so I figure a light(er) recovery style work out would help me feel better and still feel like I trained.  As luck would have it, I have about an hour and a half for lunch and a giant hook in the ceiling.  You know what that means: TRX TIME!

I tend to be an exercise-clip kind of guy, but today I decided I’d edit together some video I took during my mini-workout, which we can call, “Harold missed his alarm but can’t miss a lift, this is what he did.”  Accurate title, right?  Well, I took a few video clips during my lunch-time workout, and was able to put a few together in the video below.  I also performed a number of push-up variations, band-pull aparts, and some upper and lower body mobility drills, but I had curious students stepping into the frame so those videos were left out.  Check out the video below:

All told, I probably performed 7-10 different exercises, in a variety of combinations of sets, reps, and in different circuits.  I honestly couldn’t tell you because I was popping in and out of the office to chat with students and teachers, refill my water bottle for the 4th time that day, and eat a turkey sandwich.  It was a rather busy lunch.

I planned on using the TRX SHELC this morning and was rather upset that the video failed; I’m not quite sure what happened.  Below you’ll see a video from P.J. Striet demonstrating the Supine Hip Extended Leg Curl.  I like to maintain a fully extended hip throughout, so I’ll take a video of that on Saturday:

That’s all for today folks; I’d like to make sure I’m well rested for my second official observation lesson tomorrow.  Based on my school setting, it was pretty easy for me to ‘make up’ a workout today.  More importantly, I’m wondering how you make up for oversleeping or missing your alarm, and if you modify your day to include some exercise.  Leave a comment below and let me know!


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