South Shore Fitness

Perhaps you’re following me on the ‘Book or have seen any of my Fitocracy workouts, and have noticed I’ve been working out at a facility called South Shore Fitness recently.  I’ve been doing about 75% of my training over there now, and it’s like being a kid in a candy shop: Plenty of space, pumper plates, sumo-base squat racks, competition benches, glute ham raises, specialty bars galore, Free-Motion Functional Trainer, stretching cage, dumbbells to the mid-100lbs.  Maybe “a kid in a candy shop” isn’t the best phrase? Let’s continue…

While I love the equipment they have, I’m also over there having meetings with Sharon, the Director of Fitness, to discuss what we’re doing with the Sports Performance and Junior Fitness Programs.

“Co-Manager of Sports Performance and Junior Fitness”.  That sounds pretty fancy, and Johanna and I are busy working to take over the world grow the programs, as well as encouraging as many people as we can to train smarter and harder.  Those events that are mentioned include Bench Press for Breast Cancer and Deadlift for Diabetes fundraisers, as well as post-Halloween and Pre-Thanksgiving metabolic workouts for the whole family.  THIS is a link to the entire e-blast, and the events are listed below:

I’m excited for these events, as well as future fundraisers, clinics, and presentations we’ll be giving.  If you’re near Oceanside, I hope you take the time to come down to any or all of the events and say “Hi!”, explore the gym, practice strength, and get sweaty.  It’s going to be a really good time for everyone, and I’m looking forward to all of the events.

I’ll cover the details of each of our events, and discuss the details of the Junior Fitness and Sports Performance programs as time goes on.  If you’d like to, connect with South Shore Fitness on Facebook, and you’ll receive updates of each of the events.  I’m looking forward to being part of their team, and I hope to meet new people and see familiar faces at our events and programs.


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  1. Hey Harold,

    Congrats on the sweet new job!

    Are your days at the JCC over? If so maybe a tribute blog post is in order to pay homage to your old stomping grounds.

    Are your days at the JCC over? If so maybe a tribute post is in order s

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