Remember Hurricane Sandy

In the past two weeks, I’ve become increasing concerned that the Mayans may actually be right about the end of the the world.  The East Coast of the United States experienced another 100-year storm, and a week later a nor’easter came rolling through.  Earlier this week, the nation became entangled in last-minute election excitement, and some how this was a real issue:

Now that the election is over, our Minute to Win It society is waiting for the next big story.  Hold on.  Wait just a minute.

There are still thousands of people across the tri-state area recovering from the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.  Below you’ll see footage of the storms effects. The first video is of Long Beach, several miles south from where I live, and was posted by the New York Times:

The second video is from the brilliant Casey Neistat, and documents some of the recovery efforts on  Staten Island, where many of my cousins live.

My house was without power for 6 days and both gyms I work at were flooded, but that’s nothing compared to the damage and destruction that some have experienced, and continue to experience.  I’m asking you, my dear readers, to come to the aid of those who are still in need of support.  If you click on the picture I stole from the Red Cross site, you’ll be taken to their donation page:

Additionally, for any of those interested in distance coaching, I’m excited to donate 15% of your investment to the Red Cross’ relief efforts.  It’s the least I can do to help my family, friends, and the community I’ve always lived in.  If you’re interested, please check out my services page for more information, or send an e-mail to me at:

I’ve drafted plenty of posts for you in the past two weeks, and I’m glad to catch up on some of your missed edutainment.  I appreciate your continued readership, and any efforts you can make to support those who are in the recovery process from Hurricane Sandy.


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