One Day Early

Happy 2013! What’s that, it’s only December 31st?  Oh, I believe you’re correct, but I’m celebrating the New Year One Day Early.  How?  By asking you, How Can I Help?

See , I’m not really a fan of New Year’s resolutions. I think they’re over romanticized, a way to feel good about ideas or activities we slacked on in the previous year.  “What did we forget? What did we miss? I’ll try not to postpone it…this time.”  Instead of thinking about New Year’s resolutions, think about the habits and behaviors that we wish to change. This year I’m asking, “How can I help?”

My most asked question last year was “Why?”  I was quite curious about why processes took place, and I tried twice as much as possible and learn as many facts as possible.  Of all of my learning, the most important lesson was that asking “Why?” isn’t the best question for me.  I’ll continue asking it into 2013, but I’ll be asking “How can I help?” a helluva lot more.

This way I’ll be able to share what I learn with the people I meet, rather than hoarding information in my brain for the sake of learning.  Sure I have some of those checklist resolutions, the ones you look at something to conquer, but we give those too much credit:

  • Go to yoga.
  • See my cousins more.
  • Eat more sushi .
  • Go to more concerts, both to watch and play. 
  • Talk to that genius girl again.

Sure, we feel successful when we accomplish these, but we don’t get much fulfillment once we cross them off of our list.  They’re conquered, and we move on.  That doesn’t seem like a very lofty goal. My real goal for 2013, is the Eleanor Roosevelt cliche, “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

In 2012, I was pushed out of my comfort zone several times, but 2013 will be different.  I’d like to leave my comfort zone of my own free will.  Remember this:


Tomorrow begins our journey through our New Years Resolutions, and odds are one of yours revolves around fitness.  My Resolution is to ask, “How Can I Help?”  Let me know, and we can both start our 2013 out on the right foot.

Have a safe and healthy New Years Eve, and I’ll see you next year.


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