2013: Make It Count

It’s 2013.

You’ve made it.  Congratulations.

Now, you have to make it count.  Why?

Because one day you will die, and When you look back on your life, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the ones you did.”

Seriously.  You really can’t avoid death.  Sorry.

Let’s not talk about dying though, let’s talk about living.  We tend to think of what our goals are, of how we want to get there.  Why the hell are you doing it in the first place?!  Despite our broad backgrounds and wide array of goals for the upcoming year, I believe that we have one common goal:


I‘ve been really excited about the work of YouTube film maker Casey Neistat, who in his own words is a Professional F*ck Up.  Here is one of his most popular videos, which I find to be a perfect way to start the year:

Why do you want to make it count?  I believe that whatever your goals may be, you will lead a happier life if you move well, get strong, and eat well.  Fitness is very popular New Years Resolution, and in the next few weeks, there will be a surge of new-members at the gym, making the great decision to join and swipe their card.  Then what?  What in all hell do I do at the gym?!

There’s too much crap out there; too much fluff.  There are 32,569 fitness magazines and websites that offer you the next coolest, hippest workout variation, be it doing yoga in a room with a broken thermostat, or one new gadget that will give you abs, cook your pasta, and cure cancer for 3 easy payments of $42.37.  Depending on the marketing team, they all seem legit.  Have they worked for you?  Maybe.  It’s likely that they haven’t.

I believe that everyone should have the basic education to put together a workout wherever they may be, and understand how to sequence workouts over weeks or months so they reach their goals.  Through 2013, I’ll be providing you with the best information that will help you lead a happier, healthier life.  I’ll write, record videos, and share pictures to help you move well, get strong, and eat well.  If you have goals, I want to know.  If you have questions, ask them of me.

We will begin tomorrow.  Today, be sure to watch the “Make It Count” video, and ask yourself why you want to make 2013 your bitch.  Then, go forth unto your gym and lift some heavy ass shit.  Happy New Year!




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