Tuesday Talks: Team At Steak

It’s Tuesday Evening, and you don’t want to read anymore.  That’s perfect, because I don’t want you to read very much; I want you to watch and listen.  What I have for you today is a video that includes a quick synopsis of meet prep strategies from each of the members of “Team At Steak” in reference to our first powerlifting meet.


Erika competed in the Beast of the East Push/Pull competition in October, and just last weekend Kyle, Juliet, and myself competed in the RPS New Jersey & North American Championship.  Our results were as follows:

  • Erika totaled 285lbs at 114lbs body weight, with a 95lb bench press and a 190lb deadlift.
  • Kyle totaled 1,105lbs at  212lbs body weight, with a 375lb squat, a 270lb bench press, and a 460lb deadlift.
  • I totaled 1,105lbs at 198lbs body weight, with a 375lb squat, a 290lb bench press, and a 440lb deadlift.
  • Juliet totaled 505lbs at 148lbs body weight, with a 145lb squat, a 105lb bench press, and a 255lb deadlift.

We’re all proud of our performances, and would like to improve our numbers in the future.  There are several upcoming meets in the future that we’re planning for, with the earliest one being the APF Spring Iron Frenzy, where we’ll joined by friends including Tony Bonvechio.

After getting our feet wet, we’d like to share what we did to prepare for our first meet with you, and in the coming weeks, we’ll share what we’re up to as we prepare for the upcoming meets.  Below you’ll find information from Erika, Kyle, myself, and Juliet.

If you’d like us to wear costumes in upcoming videos, please let us know.  You see, we’re going to be working on a “Tuesday Talks” series where we’ll compile videos, host a Google Hangout, or get together to talk shop and share the information that we’re passionate about.  If you have specific questions for any of us, please leave them below or reach out on your preferred social media network.



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