Tuesday Talks with At Steak: Beginner Mistakes

Today’s post features some information from some ladies who are brighter and better looking than me.  Last week I recorded a conversation with Erika and Juliet of Team “At Steak” that touched on mistakes that beginners make when it comes to strength training.

If you’re keeping track at home, “At Steak” is comprised of Erika HurstJuliet Gotthardt, Kyle Yberg and myself.    We were brought together by the interwebz and our shared love of consuming tasty meat treats.  We’re not sponsored by a butcher, but if you’re interested in sending us fresh cuts of wild boar, we won’t say no.


In our first video post we discussed what strategies we used to prepare for our first powerlifting meet.  In today’s post, we discuss mistakes that most beginners make when it comes to strength training, which include:

  • Comparing yourself to others rather than competing with yourself
  • Not having and sticking to a solid plan/ program hopping with both training and diet
  • Our opinion on using training percentages
  • Progressing with weights and hitting PRs (making small poundage jumps vs big jumps on your lifts)
  • Listening to your body while training
  • Heavy weight vs hard weight
  • Lifting and training in the moment and looking at progress as a big picture

The conversation is broken up into two different videos that you’ll see below.  The audio is semi less-than-perfect, so you might want to put on some headphones before you get started.


I hope you enjoy what we’ve discussed, and if you have any comments or questions that you’d like us to touch on in upcoming posts, don’t hesitate to let us know.  These have been quite fun to do, and we’re enjoying the opportunity to talk with each other about these things.  We’ll see you for the next Tuesday Talks pretty soon!




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