Talking Shop with Tony Gentilcore

If you’ve read read my blog or we’ve talked shop about training, you know I have some love for Tony Gentilcore.

The interwebz led me to Tony’s blog while I was still studying music, and I latched on to his ability to make the complex concise.  The densest of exercise science seemed clear, and I felt that I could easily apply his training suggestions.  Now that I have a degree, CSCS, and several years of coaching and continuing education under my belt, I continue to return to Tony’s blog for the very same reason:  He makes it simple. Sort of like this guy:


Tony and I have chatted a ton since The Fitness Summit in Kansas City, and he was gracious enough to get up on those Skypez so we could talk.  It was less of an interview per say, and more an example of two very handsome gentlemen having a candid conversation about everything training related. And Star Wars.

Buckle in that seatbelt and get ready for almost 90 minutes of talk about The Fitness Summit, assessments, the FMS, PRI, being a BAMF, and the overarching concepts of coaching movement, strength, and ultimately success.

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