New on the MFF Blog: “You Need Carbs!”

At The Fitness Summit last week, one of my favorite presentations was from Dr. Susan Kleiner, who’s done some awesome things for the field of sports nutrition.  She presented about being “carb-adapted” or “fat-adapted,” with the biggest take away being, “You need carbs!”

My initial review of the event raised some questions regarding that specific take away, and I expanded it into a full-length article for the Mark Fisher Fitness Blog.  The short of it is this:

You need to eat carbs if you want to perform at a high level.

Performance is subjective, so in the article we take a glance at exercise metabolism before getting into general guidelines for you, the reader.  Why the lesson first?  Because understanding how your body works helps you take care of YOU better.


Take a look at the full-length blog post on the MFF Blog, and let me know if it leads you to any more questions.  I’m always happy to answer them.  Here’s the article:

You Need Carbs!

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