Tuesday Talk with Billy Rom of Superior Athletics

Today I have the pleasure of sharing an awesome new Tuesday Talk featuring Billy Rom.  To best introduce Bill, I have to tell you about our first date.

Bill and I were introduced by our mutual friend Rich, who said that Billy and I were both into the same types of websites.  If you’re reading StrengthCoach.com, you’re cool in my book, so I visited Billy’s gym to lift and talk shop.  After about 90 minutes lifting, I had about another hour to talk before I had to leave.  We end up spending 2 hours talking; it was just one of those first dates that we didn’t want to end.

I ended up being an hour late to what was actually a first date. Whoops!  Needless to say, Billy’s the one that stuck around, and we’ve been friends ever since.  Having a few years in the field on me, he’s been a peer and a mentor the whole time, always pushing me to get better as a coach and do ‘more.’


Bill was the one who first told me when MFF needed a new coach in the summer of 2013, and I was confused that he was recommending it; Did he not want me to stay?  No, he just knew that MFF would be a great fit for my career aspirations.  And he was right!

While we’re in two entirely different environments, and have dissimilar backgrounds, Billy and I agree on the big rocks in the fitness industry.  On Sunday I visited him at Superior Athletics in Farmingdale, Long Island to have a mastermind session and talk shop. After the group talk was over, we hit record and revisited the important points.

Here’s my Tuesday Talk with Billy Rom:

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