This Is About A Push-Up Matrix

Straight forward title today; we’re getting right into things.

It’s very difficult to take an objective look at our training.  Far more often than not, we tend to focus on what we like to do rather than what we need to do.  On a long enough time line, we leave something out.  I’ve recently switched training templates, but today you’re not going to hear about me.  We’re talking about the Director of Performance Training at Prospect Sports is Bill Rom.

pro pic

He’s a smart dude, and usually plays the role of the Architect.  In today’s story, you think of him as Neo, and yours truly plays the Architect.  If you haven’t seen The Matrix, I’m basically telling you that I’m training Bill.  See, he’s not a fan of doing corrective exercises, but he really likes to pick up heavy shit.

Rather than skip correctives, Bill’s called on me to make him do the things that he doesn’t want to do, so that he can get better at the things he does want to do.  You can’t shouldn’t pick up heavy shit if you’re movement leads to compensation patterns, so we’re doing some “Corrective Exercise”, but that doesn’t exactly wreak of excitement. Sounds boring and nerdy, right?  Check this out:

We used this Push-Up Matrix on Thursday night after Bill went through a series of exercises that focus on improving shoulder mobility.  Once he was was feeling loosey-goosey, he went through a series of this.  When I asked how his back felt, he responded: “Activated.”

Mission accomplished.  If you feel like you’re missing out on shoulder mobility or that your training around the shoulder girdle is a little lack luster, give this push-up matrix a try.  Don’t forget to let me know how it goes.


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